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The Texas Weather Modification Association in cooperation with the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Center in Stephenville, TX produced a benefit cost analysis assuming 1 additional inch of precipitation during the convective season. The analysis showed that for every $1 put into a weather modification program, the return of investment, directly, is roughly $19 with a statewide impact upwards to $38. The analysis was based on benefits from reducing the need to irrigate as well as increases in dry land crops and grazing lands. The additional benefits not included in this report are the direct returns on river, lake and reservoir increases as well as enhanced aquifer recharge. The TWMA programs, on average, produce over an inch of additional water, therefore this benefit-cost analysis is certainly on the conservative side. Please visit the LINKS section to view the full report.

The 2014 cloud seeding season in Texas concluded in October. The results from the past season will be available in February and loaded onto this webpage upon arrival. Until then, feel free to visit the ANALYSIS page to view the results of past seasons.

Since 2004, the TWMA programs have combined to increase precipitation by roughly 12% leading towards an additional 3.4 million acre-feet of water across the target areas.

The infographic, above, gives more information including benefits from enhanced recharge as well as a rain gauge comparison for the WTWMA target area.

Program Officers:
President Mike Mahoney, Pleasanton, TX
Vice President C.E. Williams, Whitedeer, TX
Secretary Ed Walker, Carrizo Springs, TX
Treasurer Craig Funke, San Angelo, TX


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